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Why is sitting hurting your back?

You are probably aware by now that too much sitting is bad for you, but do you know why it’s such a pain in the back? There are a few key factors that may contribute to your back hurting whilst you’re relaxing in your chair. Take the time to read and reflect on these pointers, […]

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Menopause and Low Back Pain

  Did you know that 80% of women of menopausal age suffer back and other joint pain, including, but not limited to: neck pain, headaches, mid back, wrist, elbow, knee and ankle pain. This pain is associated with the hormonal changes of menopause where the ovaries will stop producing estrogen and progesterone. Common over the […]

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Back Stretches with Dr Alexandra Byers

Do you have pain and/or tightness in your neck, back or shoulders? Do your shoulders click or pop when you move them?  Look no further… Dr Alexandra is back with a Back Stretch and Strengthening video! The aim is to flow through the stretches, identify what feels tight and prolong the stretch in that position. […]

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