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Halloween Headache

| By Dr. Debbie Tan (Chiropractor)

Halloween Headache

I was describing to a patient about Halloween Headache. Usually found in kids, but also present in adults is the phenomenon that one experiences a ‘sugar-overload’ headache days after Halloween. When sugar levels are too high (hyperglycemia), a headache may occur – including symptoms of frequent urination, frequent thirst, blurred vision and fatigue.

So here are our top tips to avoid Halloween Headache and still have fun!

  1. Hydrate
    Drink up! With late night walks door knocking, or Halloween parties where you may be standing for long periods in your outfit – remember to keep hydrated. This will help your muscles, nerves, ligaments and organs function well during the sugar overload.
  2. Be picky
    When you look at your bag of treats or the food table, choose things that nourish you. If nothing on the table/in the bag nourishes you, be selective with your treats. Do you really need another red snake? Cadbury or Lindt? Pick items with a higher cocoa percentage which usually means less sugar. Donate the rest!
  3. Give non-edible gifts
    Fidget spinners, toy cockroaches, puzzles are great ideas to give at the door. Gives the kids something to do and keeps them occupied after Halloween.
  4. Make Halloween 1 day, not Halloween week
    Enjoy your treats over the day, but throw or donate the rest afterwards. Like Christmas, we can over-cater and Halloween night ends up being Halloween week or even month! Focus back on eating whole foods.
  5. Get moving!
    Burn off the sugar and go for a gentle walk or jog. Best way to get rid of sugar is to move and get the blood flowing.

Have a great Halloween and remember everything in moderation. If you have persistent pain and reoccurring symptoms, please see your health professional. Advice is not to diagnose any conditions, simply anecdotal advice.

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