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How to make 2016 the best year

| By Dr Debbie Tan

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2016 is only a few weeks away and that means it is time to make your new year goals and objectives – not resolutions! (Resolutions usually fail within the first few weeks, we are looking for good long term changes.) The best goals one can ever have are about improving oneself and pushing yourself to go over boundaries you might have previously thought unattainable. Achieving your health and fitness goals is a pretty good way to start. This means you have to go all the way, embrace those healthy eating habits you have always been talking about and exercise more.

Goal orientation should be the first step. You need to know what you want and set out a clear path that will get you to where you want. It is important that you establish clear objectives that you wish to accomplish in the next year, be it shedding off some pounds, eating healthily, losing the belly fat, developing abs or whatever goal you wish to achieve. This is a better approach than say, going to the gym just to exercise.

Organisation is also key. Rather than just exercising whenever you feel like exercising or when you feel guilty for not committing to your workout plan, you need to have a schedule that will help you on your journey. You could decide to work out every weekday before or after work or during weekends. Or you could decide to eat healthy food on certain days of the week or for certain meals. Having a clear guideline like this will go a long way towards helping you reach your goals and making 2016 the best year for you.
It is also important to take small baby steps. Going too fast, for example working out too much can be overwhelming and you might be tempted to quit along the way. Start with light exercises and an easy schedule, moving on to the more strenuous habits. The same applies to eating habits. Start out with the occasional salad until you are comfortable enough to stick to healthy eating habits. When you make a small accomplishment you have to reward yourself as this encourages you to go on.

Also consider taking breaks or going on vacations. Being too preoccupied with your job or life’s daily activities can be hectic and stressful, leading to poor health practices, leading to unhealthy weight gain or loss.

Make it a point to schedule your yoga and gym classes, your runs and walks and your appointments with your allied health professionals- such as massage therapists, chiropractors and doctors to keep things in check.

We hope that this kick starts your health journey in 2016.

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