Chiropractic care to keep you fit, active and healthy

Our Techniques

Chiropractic techniques tailored to your body and your needs

We may use a range of different techniques to assist you with pain, discomfort or mobility issues. We invite you to have a chat with us in regards to:

  • Alleviating pain
  • Improving movement function
  • Easing tight muscles or stiff joints
  • Helping rehabilitate after injury
  • Help you manage chronic pain or other ongoing conditions
  • Assist you through significant changes to your body (such as pregnancy)

Manual and non-manual techniques

The level and type of chiropractic techniques we use will be determined by your condition and also by our discussions.

Techniques may include chiropractic adjustments or low-grade mobilisations. But we may also use instrument assisted soft tissue therapy (such as Graston Technique), dry needling, pelvic blocking, kinesiotaping, trigger point work and other kinds of physical therapy to address your issues.

Everything is done in collaboration. We explain every technique and why we feel it’s best for you. Your comfort and confidence are our number one priority. You stay in control of your body and how we work in each session.

Please call or email to make a time. We look forward to working with you.

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