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Pregnancy chiropractic to help keep you active

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Your body changes rapidly and these changes can take you unawares. It’s not just that you will start carrying more weight, but that your organs, muscles and bones will shift around to accommodate.

We offer a variety of pregnancy pillows, for you to lie down and also for you to take home. Our offices are pregnancy and kid friendly, to allow you to relax and for your bub to be comfortable to allow a smooth consultation.

Please contact us to if you would like to chat about the following:

  • Back pain
  • Any other muscular pain (e.g. neck pain, referred pain)
  • Spinal health and posture
  • Pelvic alignment
  • Adjustments to help with your changing body
  • Advice about exercise, stretching etc for you to do at home

Chiropractic tips for pregnancy

  • Stay active but adjust your exercise regime to be suitable for your body and your baby
  • Sleep on your side and use a pillow between your knees for extra comfort and support
  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Pay particular attention to posture when sitting and standing so as not to strain your back
  • Avoid sitting cross legged where possible
  • Do gentle stretching on a regular basis

Please get in touch with any questions or call to book a consultation.

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