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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Come and See Bateman Chiropractic For Helpful Chiropractic Care During Your Pregnancy

Welcome Embleton Mother-to-be,

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a mother-to-be in Embleton. It is important to know that your body changes rapidly during the 9 months your baby is in the womb. It isn’t just that your body will be carrying more weight, but also that your organs, muscles and bones will shift to accomodate for birth.

During your pregnancy, it is common to experience many aches and pains such as lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Chiropractic care during this time has been commonly found as beneficial for soothing these types of pain.

But, pregnant woman often feel uncomfortable about the idea of visiting a chiropractor due to their different body shape and concerns about how they can be treated.  Chiropractors overall are very well versed with treating women in pregnancy especially new mums from Embleton. At Bateman Chiropractic we use pregnancy pillows to ensure you are well supported when you are being manipulated in preparation for giving birth.

Please contact us if you would like to chat about any of the following:

  • Back pain
  • Any muscular pain (e.g neck pain, referred pain)
  • Spinal health and posture
  • Pelvic alignment
  • Adjustments to help with changing your body
  • Advice about exercise, stretching etc for you to do at home

Our chiropractic tips for pregnancy

  • Stay active but adjust your exercise regime to be suitable for your body and your baby
  • Sleep on your side and use a pillow between your knees for extra comfort and support
  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Pay particular attention to posture when sitting and standing so as not to strain your back
  • Avoid sitting cross legged where possible
  • Do gentle stretching on a regular basis


Chiropractic For Pregnant Woman

Frequently Askecross-leggedBy Embleton Mums-to-be About Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Is chiropractic care during pregnancy safe?
Seeing your chiropractor during your pregnancy is completely safe and there are no known contra-indications to chiropractic pregnancy care. All of our chiropractors at Bateman Chiropractic have been expertly trained with all the skills required to work with pregnant women.

What are the safety & care benefits of seeing your chiropractor during pregnancy?
There are a number of anecdotal benefits that have been reported by pregnant women including:

  • Helping to prevent a potential cesarean delivery
  • Decreasing the time of labour and delivery
  • Supporting a healthier pregnancy
  • Soothing back, neck or joint pain during pregnancy


Why should I visit a chiropractor during my pregnancy?
During your pregnancy, many changes occur in the body to prepare for the birth. Changes to the abdomen, pelvis and posture adaptations can cause back pain or result in the misalignment of the spine or joints if left untreated. This can affect your ability to have a natural birth so it is a good idea to visit your Bateman chiropractor throughout the course of your pregnancy.

How does chiropractic pregnancy care improve my health?
To improve your health and well being during a pregnancy, chiropractic care can assist to correct the weight distribution and spinal alignment problems. In doing this, the stiffness and joint pain in the body is reduced helping to provide better comfort for you and your baby. Chiropractor care can also remove stress from the muscles and relieve nerve pressure which may be causing other discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

Can chiropractic care during pregnancy become an alternative to medications?
Chiropractic care at Bateman Chiropractic can act as an alternative to medications and drugs as a way to reduce and treat pain during a pregnancy. It is a perfectly safe method of relieving pain if you are worried about the side effects of pain relieving drugs.

Does chiropractic care during pregnancy help my unborn child in any way?
Yes, seeing a chiropractor which is supporting your own health shows that you are also helping your unborn baby and its well being. Adjustments made to the pelvis during Bateman chiropractic sessions can be especially helpful to the baby when it is time to move positions in the womb. This process eases the baby into a typical head-first delivery which is seen to benefit both the mother and child.

How often should I see a Bateman chiropractor during my pregnancy?
We suggest seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy frequently for pain relief and treatment. This will also increase the possibility of receiving all of the benefits that come from seeing your chiropractor for pregnancy care.
A research case was carried out on the outcome of pregnant women receiving chiropractic care (Source). This investigation found that the majority of patients receiving this treatment reported improvements in pain at all time points during the study, which is a clear suggestion that regular care sessions at Bateman Chiropractic can help during your pregnancy.

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