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Torticollis is not a pasta dish

Torticollis – What is it? Torticollis refers to an unnatural change in the position of the head and neck which causes them to twist. This is due to the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck, which results in the head being tilted towards the shortened muscle and the chin being rotated to the […]

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How to stay healthy in December

5 Tips to Stay Healthy This December. Make the Right Decision to Make Your Health a Priority During this Busy Time of the Year. Easy to Follow Tips Here!

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Should I exercise when I’m sick?

So you go to the gym regularly to exercise and maintain your health. However, there may be some days when you are not feeling well and have caught a cold/flu. You heard that it is great to sweat it out or that it is best to get some rest. So what do you do? It […]

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