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Fitness Focus Episode 2 – Bec Petherick, CrossFit Quarter Melville

Episode 2 of Fitness Focus introduces Bec Petherick, owner of CrossFit Quarter Melville! Bec spent her late teens and early 20’s competing in triathlons before a change of city led her to discover the emerging sport that is CrossFit. If you’ve been wondering what CrossFit is all about Bec is offering the patients of Bateman Chiropractic a FREE […]

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Plantar Fasciitis: A basic overview

Plantar faciitis involves the inflammation and pain of the plantar fascia. It occurs when sudden damage to, or prolonged pressures on, the plantar fascia causes it to degenerate.1,2,3 The plantar fascia  is a wide connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot. It runs from the heel to the base of each toe.4 Plantar […]

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