Chiropractic care to keep you fit, active and healthy

What to Expect

What to expect at Bateman Chiropractic

Our approach is friendly and caring. So the first thing you can expect is to feel comfortable, safe and listened to when you call to make a booking and when you arrive for your first appointment.

First Session

Please allow thirty minutes for your first session. Ideally wear loose or flexible clothing that you will be comfortable in. We ask that you arrive ten minutes prior to your session time so you can fill in necessary paperwork.

At your initial consultation your chiropractor will do a full examination. This includes gathering your medical history, discussing your presenting complaint, and a chiropractic examination.

We may recommend and refer you to have x-rays taken if we feel that is integral to your treatment. X-rays are done off site and covered by Medicare so you will not incur any extra cost from these.

Second Session

We provide you with a report based on the findings from your examination. We will also present a recommended care plan which we will discuss with you. This may include us communicating with other health practitioners and we will discuss consent and referral processes.

In this session you will receive your first chiropractic treatment, based on our assessment and your care plan. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns.

This session will also take around thirty minutes.

Ongoing sessions and care

Ongoing sessions are shorter, with routine visits taking about ten minutes. We review how you are going on a regular basis and may make adjustments to your care plan accordingly.

Part of our ongoing care is to recommend you continue to visit for check ups. Your care plan may address the specific issue you came to us to get help with. Once this issue has improved we find it is a good idea to keep in touch so you maintain optimal spine health, mobility and function.

We will discuss with you how often is recommended depending on your lifestyle, body, age and other factors.